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Our Mission

"To find rehabilitate, rehome or provide a forever home for horses in need: Horses with a difficult past, and help them heal: Offer them a present, in a safe quiet environment surrounded by committed, knowledgeable caregivers, and provide the opportunity for a healthy future in a community with purpose"



Second Chance Ranch at a Glance

Here at Second Chance Ranch, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. We work hard on building strong, caring relationships, and focus on having a positive impact with everything we do.


What We Do



Giving Owners and Horses a Second Chance

At Second Chance Ranch, we offer year round board, spacious, open natural grass fields, a large well appointed tack room, a 50 ft round pen and massive outdoor arena (indoor arena planned). Your horse would have 24/7 access to hay, automatic water troughs, several shelters and all the minerals vital to their health and well being. Individual graining is available on request.  We don't just board horses.


Trail Rides

Let The Adventure Begin

Situated on 132 acres, with over 5 miles of well marked and manicured trails. With a variety of destinations, the old forest, the pond, the spooky cedars and Francis’ Field to name a few, the possibilities are endless.

Mount up. We are waiting for you.

Apparently the shelter is the place to be!

Horse Rehabilation and Care

Not an Animal Shelter

Animal Shelters do great work and, unfortunately, are in high demand in this throwaway society that we live in. Here at Second Chance Ranch we applaud those people who provide emergency assistance to the too many creatures in need, every day.
But we are different.
We provide, not only the basic life requirements of food, water and shelter, we are committed to rehabilitation.    To work with our charges to address behavior and training challenges, to improve the quality of their lives, with the ultimate goal of being their forever home or re-homing.
We all need a purpose in our life: a reason to wake up and start each day with a positive attitude.  Here on the Ranch, we are committed to working toward this goal every day, with our guests, no matter if they have 4 legs or 2. 
You are invited to be part of this rewarding adventure


Corporate Sponsorship

One Step at a Time

Do you have a workforce that you wish to inspire?  To show that you care beyond the bottom line?  That you would like to expose to positive life affirming stories and live video of animals being born, living and flourishing in a loving environment?

Or even an offsite meeting at a working ranch with not only fantastic meeting facilities but opportunities for team building and outdoor adventures.

This opportunity is as simple as a phone call.

You and your employees can become intimately involved with the life journey of a creature of your choosing, with regular updates, streaming video, and even personal visits and adventures through our corporate sponsorship program. There are a number of levels, each designed to fit your needs and budget.

Inquire about our corporate plans, and animal sponsorship opportunities that will invigorate your workforce and help save the lives of beautiful living creatures.


So Much More Than Just Horses














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